Friday, July 16, 2010


I probably didn't mention this on my blog here before, but if you're a friend on Facebook, you might know that for the past few months, my Wii hasn't been working properly. Basically, it will do everything but play games...Which is the whole reason I bought yeah. I sent it in to Nintendo to have it fixed, and they just sent me an email saying that it's coming back to me within 3-4 business days! Yay!

Yesterday was pretty cool because I met Olivia Munn! She was even skinnier than I thought she would be in person. It was kind of surreal because I felt like I was watching an episode of Attack of the Show but just really close up. She signed her book that I bought (and read that day), as well as my iPhone case. This is a photo of her thumbs-upping with me!

Pretty neat, eh?!  Also note how I'm wearing my SNES belt buckle which I made myself! All the buttons still work and everything. While I was in the line to get her to sign my stuff, I chit-chatted with a bunch of other nerds. It was fun. They told me about what games they were playing, I told them about the games I was playing, etc. They thought I was in some sort of time warp, though because I happen to still play NES and SNES titles. I thought most people who still had working systems did. 

Oh well!

I have changed the layout of my blog here just a smidgen, as well as my CWE layout. I have also monetized CWE so if you click a link to an ad, I will get paid money! So do it!

Bye now.

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