Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You're in hot water now!!

So apparently sometimes hot water can freeze faster than cold water. Think it doesn't make sense? Read about it. Puts a whole new meaning on icy-hot! They say that the reason is because the cold water is distilled and the hot water is from the tap (which has additional chemicals like flouride and who knows what random sewage). Of course, this makes sense because you can heat distilled water up beyond its regular boiling point and it doesn't boil.

(I LOVE Mythbusters)

Anyway, science is weird, guys. All kinds of new and odd things coming up every day. You know, except jetpacks on a consumer level. Come on, science! Get with it, we're already a decade into THE FUTURE.

Here's a funny picture for you guys!
Okay, maybe it's a little wrong. But I still get a laugh out of it!

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