Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm not really planning on talking about the superbowl here. What I am planning on talking about is how I wrote this huge long post the other day, but due to my iBook's sad problems with its battery, I never got to post it. Also, I'm going to talk about how awesome today has been so far.

First thing: I wrote this really long post earlier that didn't get saved. It was sad, I'm sad about it, but I'm not so sad that it's going to end my life. Most of this is because I still have the info on hard copy (Do you guys remember that show? I loved the opening titles, but that was about it: "HARD COPY. CLANG," or something). I will just have to retype it later. It was just mostly annoying that my computer is on the fritz. It makes me think that it's time to start saving to get a new one!

Second thing: Today has been pretty nice so far, excluding the whole waking up at 6 AM to get to class on time to find out that the teacher doesn't show up and it's a complete waste of me getting up that early. That's actually why I'm sitting here writing right now. I've got some spare time, you know? Why not use it? But before class, I have to say, I took this amazing poop in the 3rd floor Language building restroom. Very satisfying. I think the whole reason why I felt so terribly was that I needed that poop out of my belly. Thanks a lot, party food at the superbowl party!

And I thought I wasn't going to talk about the superbowl!  Guess I was wrong.

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