Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Journal for Fiction Class

Well, my Intro to Fiction Writing teacher said that I could use the computer to do my daily journals, so I think that's what I'll do. Today, I'm going to do one of the "First" exercises. If you're not familiar with it, they're exercises where I just write and write and write about the "first" something; it can be anything, like the first time I drank coffee, or my first kiss, or the first time I ate cheese. Whatever I want. This one is the first time I climbed a tree (even though really, it's not completely true).

The Left Mimosa 

It was a mimosa tree in my grandparents' back yard, well, there were two really, but the left one sucked. I would climb into the branches of the tree, thinking about lazing like a gibbon in the jungle. My sister would come outside mere seconds after me, demanding the use of the right mimosa, but I had already settled into it and I was the gibbon. More accurately, I was a sloth, full to the brim with berries and fruit flies, them buzzing in my belly, eating the fruit as I was digesting it. Their tiny lives would be over soon, but for that moment, they had a feast in front of them.

I sat in the tree, my sister stood below awaiting my departure, the fruit flies gorged. I told her to climb the left tree, but she wouldn't have it. My older sister believed in the authority given by God's egg timer.

Well, that's it for that one. I just wanted to get that one down in some more permanent form than my notebook. I actually wrote that one during class on the first day. Yay school!

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