Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You Hillbilly!

Well, I spent most of today enjoying springtime weather. Does "Springtime Weather" sound like a song from the 60s? I think so.

I know hardly anyone reads this blog, but I thought I'd give my mom a bit of free advertising. Her musical talent is solid and classic. She's a singer/songwriter whose voice is ethereal and breathy at times, but full at others. Though she's only accompanied by her guitar, it's not a lonesome sound. Anyway, you should give her a listen.

Right now, the sun shines in my eyes. Bells of train track crossings ring and my patio door is open. Trash bags sit on my porch, waiting for me to transfer them into the dumpster several yards away. After that, someone will dump them into a truck, then onto a landfill. Then they will decompose.

But isn't that the fate of us all?

I beat the original Bioshock game again. It's awesome still, even after the second one changed the play mechanics. Apparently, Valve is making another Portal game, and I am really excited.

What do you think of this?

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  1. I think even Wonder Woman cannot overshadow your kind comments. Thanks!